Charlotte Seymour

Charlotte Seymour

Charlotte Seymour is a fiction and non fiction producer with over 20 years of screen industry experience. Her professional goal is to develop a TV slate with Seymour Films and Film Art Media to produce critically acclaimed high end TV drama.

Recently she produced an online TV drama comedy series entitled Other People’s Problems ( 5 x 7 mins) for ABC iview. Other People’s Problems premiered at the inaugural Australian, Series Mania Festival to a sold out house in July 2017 and was invited to screen at the Berlin Film festival 2018. With Executive Producer Sue Maslin & development funding from Screen Australia, she is developing a part TV drama series entitled Relative Strangers. With Indigenous writer/director Erica Glynn she is in development on a feature film based on the book Of Ashes & Rivers that Run to the Sea by Marie Munkara  and again with Erica Glynn & Beck Cole a TV comedy/drama series entitled The Anchor that will be a vehicle for Indigenous actors Deborah Mailman and Shari Sebbens. Documentary projects in development include: with Lucy Paplinska, Together in a Crowded Room a longitudinal documentary on adults living with autism and with Wain Fimeri  an observational series on Clown Doctors. Her most recent television documentary Harry Seidler – Modernist screened on ABC TV in 2016. Previous credits include the short feature/telemovie Queen of Hearts, 2004 AFI winner for best short screen play.

As an Executive Producer at ABC TV 2005 – 2006, she was responsible for producing over 50 hours of television arts programming. As a freelance consultant, she co ordinates a online documentary & producing initiatives for the Indigenous Department at Screen Australia.

Charlotte was Program Operations Manager at Screen Australia from 2006-2014 managing a range of funding guidelines, policies and worked with internal and external assessors and applicants in the delivery of all of Screen Australia’s funding programs.

Charlotte holds a Fine Arts degree from ANU, and a Masters in Producing from AFTRS, where she was the winner of the Kenneth Myer  Fellowship for Producing , the David Heidtman Pitching Prize as well as the Kodak short drama prize.



Mobile: 0419 392 259