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Against The Innocent

By September 21, 2011films

Against The Innocent Poster

In 1987 the noted German intellectual Monica Schleyer (Margaret Cameron) travels to Australia for a series of lectures for the Campaign to Abolish Political Police (CAPP). She begins her speaking engagements with a public lecture in Melbourne.

Suspected as a terrorist sympathiser by the Australian government, she comes under close surveillance. Finally the Federal police move in.

Meanwhile a terrorist group kidnaps a prominent Australian industrialist. Don Dunstan appears in a coffee shop interview and finally the SAS make a surprise appearance.

Critical response
“Brilliantly executed, exactingly researched, drags political cinema into the late eighties with a dazzling mix of techniques.”
Director of the Melbourne Film Festival

“An impressive and powerful mix of techniques and rigorously researched material. Maggie Cameron gives a performance reminiscent of Germaine Greer via Meryl Streep.”

The Players
Margaret Cameron, Nicos Lathouris, John F Howard, Robin Cuming, Francis Bell, Terry McDermott and Alex Menglet with Don Dunstan and Salvador Cardenal as themselves

Directed by Daryl Dellora
Produced by Richard Jones
Executive Producers Daryl Dellora, Jenny Hocking
Written by Daryl Dellora and Jenny Hocking
Director of Photography Vladimir Kromas
Music by Paul Schutze
Sequences of the play Ulrike Meinhoff Sings written by Chris Barnett
Produced with the assistance of the Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission and the Creative Initiatives Program of Film Victoria