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Beyond Terrorism

Jenny Hocking’s first book, a ground breaking study of Australia’s counter-terrorism mechanisms. This book is no longer available in the shops.

“I found Jenny Hocking’s book utterly compelling, and thoroughly relevant to today” Chris Saliba

This is the first account of the development and current powers of the shadowy organizations charged with the task of protecting us from “terrorists”. It defines the orthodox theories anbd characterizations of terrorism such as perceived threat, and analyzes counter-terrorist measures bringing together state police special branches, federal security organizations such as ASIO and the Australian Protection Force (federal police), and the Army. The book details the history of terrorism in Australia from Croatian Separatists to Ananda Marga, the Family Court bombings and other incidents of political violence. It analyzes the military response to the Hilton bombing, placing it within a political and constitutional framework, and discusses crisis management and the relations between the media, law enforcement and intelligence organizations. “Beyond Terrorism” explores the development of Australia’s internal security arrangements: the history of the political pressure to establish ASIO, the ramifications of the ASIO Act 1956 and the implications of the 1979 update of the Act. Jennifer Hocking’s detailed and impeccably researched account of terrorism and the measures taken to counter it is an important and thought-provoking contribution to Australia’s security debate.

Table of Contents

Constructing terrorism; against the orthodoxy – further theories of terrorism and counter-terrorism; the development of Australia’s internal security arrangements – the precursor to counter-terrorism; reassessing domestic security operations – from “subversion” to “terrorism”; the importance of being terrorism; the pretext of terrorism; terrorism in Australia; the renewal of counter-subversion; policing terrorism; crisis management – securing the state; beyond the rule of law?
Paperback 248 pages
Release Date: 01 August 1993
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1863733604
EAN: 9781863733601
Dimensions: 21.0 x 14.0 centimeters

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