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Clothing for Correspondence Development Funding

By December 22, 2015May 16th, 2017in development, news, Other People's Problems

Film Art Media has received Screen Australia development funding to turn real-life bartering project Clothing for Correspondence into a web series!

Executive Producer Sue Maslin and Producer Charlotte Seymour are teaming up with Penelope Chai and Jane Dickenson, the creators of Clothing for Correspondence, to develop a web series about a young woman who writes letters-on-demand in exchange for second-hand clothing.


Penny and Jane dreamt up Clothing for Correspondence with the aim of getting hand-me-down clothes from sartorially successful strangers. In exchange they offered their services as letter writers.

Amazingly, people came to the party. Since 2009, they’ve written over 100 letters to fulfil requests from all corners of the globe, from Fiji to London, Budapest to Kansas. In return they’ve received frocks, tops, skirts, scarves, belts and a pair of stripy socks.

The letters and scenarios used in the web series will be based on real-life letters and scenarios as documented in the online project. Protagonist Florence is a fictionalised conduit for these beautiful and bizarre interactions and exchanges. Follow her adventures as she attempts to reconnect.

And save the planet.

And get nice clothes.