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Convergence : Crossing The Digital Divide by Sue Maslin

By October 18, 2011news

Published in Lumina: Australian Journal of Screen Arts and Business, Issue 6, Old Media: New Media, July 2011 ISBN 978-0-9806550-5 – 6

As a producer of convergent cross-platform projects, you need to straddle the so called ‘digital divide’ – that is, be familiar producing in a non-linear on-line environment as well as producing linear film and television programs. Few producers are doing this at present and it is rapidly leading to the existence of parallel and separate cultures between ‘heritage’ and ‘new’ media. This is not good in the long run and will lead to missed opportunities for content development in a National Broadband Network (NBN) enabled environment in the future.

This paper is an attempt to distill the experience I have gained over the past decade working with convergence – bringing film and television practitioners together with digital media practitioners – in real and virtual production spaces to develop new forms of on-line screen content. In particular, I am interested in interrogating how authorship and creativity are impacted by the opportunities, demands and limitations of the technology.