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Harry Seidler: Modernist screens on ABC TV on Tuesday 15th of November

Harry Seidler: Modernist screens on ABC TV on Tuesday 15th of November at 9.30pm.
Harry Seidler: Modernist is a retrospective celebration of the life and work of Australia’s most controversial architect. Sixty years of work is showcased through sumptuous photography and interviews with leading architects from around the world.
The film will be available on DVD and to stream from Film Art Media on Wednesday 16th of November, 2016.

Directed by Daryl Dellora
Produced by Charlotte Seymour & Sue Maslin
Written by Daryl Dellora & Ian Wansbrough
Narrated by Marta Dusseldorp
Edited by Mark Atkin
Original Music by John Phillips

Check out the Official Trailer for HARRY SEIDLER: MODERNIST below.