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Watch Now: Lawyers On Film Panel

Lawyers On Film Panel – Available To Watch Now

The Victorian Bar and Film Art Media’s exclusive event for Law Week 2024, Lawyers on Film, is now available for viewing! This insightful panel discussion, held on Thursday, May 23rd, 2024, explored the complexities and allure of legal storytelling in cinema.

The discussion, hosted by Siobhán Ryan KC, featured documentary filmmaker Daryl Dellora, and barrister John Ribbands. The panel delved into the challenges of legal storytelling on screen, the captivating nature of legal dramas, and the ethical considerations involved in documenting real lawyers and their cases.

If you’ve missed the live event, you can now catch up on the session below:

Daryl Dellora is the writer and director of law related documentaries including ‘Mr. Neal Is Entitled To Be An Agitator’, ‘The Highest Court’, ‘Michael Kirby – Don’t Forget The Justice Bit’ and ‘The Search For The Palace Letters’. His work has given him unusual access to legal personalities and the courts, including the High Court of Australia. John Ribbands was counsel in the Brett Whiteley art fraud trial in the Victorian Supreme Court and is featured in the two-part documentary, The Whiteley Art Scandal.