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The Search for the Palace Letters – First Look!

More than three years in the making, we are beyond excited to give you the first sneak peek at Daryl Dellora’s upcoming documentary, The Search for the Palace Letters, produced by Sue Maslin for Film Art Doco and to be distributed by Film Art Media.

ID: A photograph of Prof Jenny Hocking reviewing actual Palace Letters for the first time, taken on set at the National Archives of Australia, Canberra. Image by Hilary Wardhaugh.

The Search for the Palace Letters is an important documentary that follows Professor Hocking’s epic and successful legal journey in revealing the hidden story behind the dismissal of the Whitlam Government in 1975.

Filming has just been completed across Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, including interviews with the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull AC, the Hon. Antony Whitlam KC and Tom Brennan SC.

Read Prof Hocking’s latest article here:

Coming soon to ABC TV.

Written by Daryl Dellora & Ian Wansbrough

Directed by Daryl Dellora

Produced by Sue Maslin

Cinematography by Alex Cardy

Edited by Mark Atkin

Tax-deductible donations to enable the film to be completed can be made via Documentary Australia.

For further information please contact