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By June 20, 2014May 16th, 2017news

3.Film Art Media and Inside Out Productions have recently launched Re-enchantment: Ways to Interpret Fairytales, an enhanced eBook available exclusively through iTunes. Written by Sarah Gibson and designed by Rose Draper, the eBook presents new ways to interpret fairytales, in a visually stimulating and immersive way.

Each chapter focuses on different approaches to uncovering the hidden meanings of fairy tales. Chapters explore the psychological meanings of their archetypal symbols and motifs. The eBook features video, image, and hover-over multimedia components in an exciting interactive format. It showcases re-imaginings by many contemporary artists.

The enhanced eBook has been created by filmmaker Sarah Gibson, who has been directing documentaries for over 30 years. Until recently Sarah was a Senior Lecturer in Media Arts at the University of Technology. Sarah is a Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist in private practice in Sydney. She was director of the ABC online project Re-enchantment and has been lecturing widely on the relevance of fairy tales for contemporary culture.

Re-enchantment has been developed and produced with the assistance of Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the University of Technology Sydney.

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