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Coral ReKindling Venus Augmented ReaLITY Posters

By November 16, 2011transmedia

Coral ReKindling Venus is a colony of artworks using digital platforms to connect people to the world’s coral reefs and the ecological urgency of climate change. Devised by immersive installation artist Lynette Wallworth, Coral ReKindling Venus also includes a full-dome feature film for planetariums – screenings of which began with the Transit of Venus on 5 June 2012.

As a companion piece to the feature film Film Art Media is proud to release a set of six compelling poster images designed by Lynette which trigger an Augmented Reality experience via mobile phones. These exquisite art posters, printed in full-colour to the highest production standards are works of enormous beauty. Each unique large-sized image (700mm x 1000mm) makes a striking addition to company boardrooms, libraries, universities and schools or in the home or business. On top of this fabulous visual appeal each image unlocks a whole hidden world of augmented reality when scanned by a mobile phone or other similar device. The resulting effect will enable you to experience a virtual porthole to coral reefs around the world. Friends and family will be struck by the power of these delightful posters but wait till they see the 3D augmented reality imagery that virtually bursts off the wall through your mobile phone.

Simply download the FREE App Coral RKV from iPhone App Store or Android Marketplace and install on your phone. Compatible with iPhone 4, 5 using iOS 5, iOS 6 and Android phones.

If you would like to experience the augmented reality features of these extraordinary artworks but don’t wish to purchase the full size posters Film Art Media is pleased to offer free downloads of each poster to a high resolution suitable for printing on colour laser jet printers to A4 and A3.

Purchase here one or more posters. Follow the display instructions for optimum results. Point your camera at the coral poster. Touch the virtual coral when it appears on the screen.

Take a look at how it works…..

For further information about experiencing Coral Rekindling Venus, go to Button Text Button Text