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By October 29, 2013news

The crowdfunding campaign to complete the transmedia documentary project Ringbalin is now live on the Indiegogo website here.

Ringbalin – River Stories is a geo-located documentary that invites you on a journey along Australia’s great Murray Darling Rivers, with Aboriginal Elders from the oldest cultures on earth acting as your guides. It contains dozens of traditional and personal stories and takes the form of a film, an iPad/iPhone App, and website.

On the 20th of October 2013,  a free ‘prototype’ version of the app was released to the public. In order to release the full version as it was originally imagined, with all the functionality and content to deliver on the original vision. To do that the team need to raise some extra cash to pay the bills, edit all the stories they’ve collected, add in more smart tech and make this all available via the (iPad and iPhone) app.

The Ringbalin project wouldn’t have been possible without the remarkable creative team that’s come together with GMB to realise this project: producer Julia de Roeper and production manager Chrissy Kavanagh at JDR Screen, Jennifer Wilson and her amazing digital development team at The Project Factory, graphic artist Yianni Hill at We’re Open and EP Sue Maslin of Film Art Media. And of course our awesome editors Jonnie Morris and Daniel King, and producer’s attachment Nara Wilson.

Please share, donate, and help us get Ringbalin over the line by checking out the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.