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By August 8, 2013news

The 20th of October 2013 marks the fortieth anniversary of the official opening of the Sydney Opera House by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. There are a large number of promotional events being organized by the Sydney Opera House to commemorate this occasion – leading up to it and into the anniversary year – including the arrival of Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark as official guests. The Danish connection, of course, is strong given that the architect of the building was perhaps the most famous Dane, Jørn Utzon (1916-2009).
As part of the celebrations, we’re re-releasing our unique DVD The Edge of The Possible – 40th Anniversary Special Edition that charts the design and construction of the building. This award-winning film includes a rare and extensive English-language interview with the reclusive architect himself. The film also has exclusive footage of many of the original design architects talking about their time working with Utzon.
Please click here to order The Edge of The Possible – 40th Anniversary Special Edition and share in the history of one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks.